Traveling Tips

29 June 2021

Taking a vacation or just going on a weekend get away? Here are some helpful tips to have a worry and stress free time!

  • Bring some cash with you, don't rely only on your credit or debit card for all your vacation purchases 

  • Don't bring all your debit/credit cards on your trip incase you misplace you wallet 

  • Have the Visa Fraud Department available at your fingertips by saving the number in your phone

  • Large purchases or transaction may be declined by the Visa Fraud Department 

          **Visa Fraud Department 800 number will call to verify transactions**

                       **Visa Fraud Department number 800-327-8622**

  • Book your hotels and rental car ahead of time with a credit card

       (Apply today for our low interest rate Visa Credit Card!)

  • The most important tip for vacation is to remember to relax and have fun